Got Features?

Cloud-based Architecture

Access your all your data,

POS from anywhere at

anytime.Systems always

up. Instant web update

Hardware independent

No more costly hardware

and software upgrade

Your data backed up

and securely store in

cloud No more worries

about fire or thief

We take care of all

issues relating to speed

and data sizes as your

business grows

Customer Activity Alert

There are two types of customer activities that would be of great interest to you as an online merchant…

Abandoned cart is when a customer picks a product, goes to checkout, and may get distracted and never completes the order.

Abandoned order is when a customer’s credit card fails during checkout. Reasons for failure include incorrect billing address, expiration day, CVV#, etc..
When either of these cases happens, you will immediately receive an alert of your choice (email, SMS, or both). We provide you with full details of the order including buyer’s name, phone number, picture of products ordered,… For the case of abandoned order, we provide you with the reasons for failure (i.e. errors in credit card info, etc..). We also give you a mechanism to easily and quickly follow up with the customer and complete this order with just a few clicks of the keyboard.

What we found is that some customers are very grateful that you follow up to complete their order. And it’s not a bad thing to get orders that you didn’t know you had.

Common Image Library

We provide a library of thousands of

images that you can download and use.

We are adding images to this library

each day. There is no limit to the

number of images that you can use and

it is free of charge for as long as you are

on the gotFlowers platform.

Sales History Report

At any moment in time, you can view or

print out year-to-day reports on type of

products sold, dollar amounts, etc…

Year-end reports can also be generated

and exported to popular accounting



We provide analytics about your

consumers such as buyer locations,

browsers used, etc…

Product Recipes

You can create a recipe for a product by selecting

the type and quantity of flowers, type of vase that

go into your floral arrangement. Recipes are not

required for products on gotFlowers platform.

However, we provide this capability in the case you

want to provide more information for a wire-out

order or to track your inventory. This is just one of

the many functionalities to enrich and complete

gotFlowers ecosystem for retail florists.

Delivery Routing

Our delivery routing methodology is powerful,

yet flexible and easy to use. You define a set of

delivery rules once. At any moment in time,

you can generate a delivery route this is

optimized by distance and delivery time.

Multi-Store Support

Do you have more than one shop? Are

you running them as separate,

independent shops? How would you

like to consolidate these operations

under one website? We will increase

your operational efficiency, cut costs,

and simplify your data management all

awhile still maintaining the same level

of consumer experience.

Customizable Web Layout

gotflowers websites for florists

We designed our standard website

template based feedback from retail florists like you.

But we also know that looks are

subjective and that  one size does not fit all.

Therefore, we customize your website to mimic any theme or layout that you need.

Got Speed?

Why is speed important? Not only it increases user experience which leads to more sales but also because Google has started considering site speed and page load time as a new organic search ranking factor.  While other websites claim to be faster than us, when putting through an actual 3rd party speed test…

Got Weddings?

Do you provide wedding services? If so,

we provide you with a wedding website

that comes fully equipped with slide

show and wedding products that link

back to your shopping cart for easy

consumer purchases

gotFlowers SEO Services

Don’t fall for SEO services that give you spamming links that may work for a short time but always trigger a Google penalty and may forever hurt your domain rankings.

At gotFlowers, we ensure that your website scores high in terms of SEO and continuously strive to stay on top of new requirements from Google. We provide location aware SEO and also ensure that your products are found in search results.

In addition, we provide you with a far more superior platform where new and differentiated content such as video clips, social media content are being recognized by Google on a regular and ongoing basis without any work on your part. These new and differentiated content are what Google uses to rank your site very high on organic search results.

Our SEO service include (but not limited) to the following:

  • Set up  Google My Business.
  • Set up  Google Analytics for your website.
  • Develop and refine target keywords and metadata for your products and services.
  • Constantly identify and eliminate negative citations inserted by your competitions.
  • Develop and continuously grow reputable backlinks to your website.
  • Clean up duplicate content, missing titles, technical errors reported by Google.
  • Closely track your rankings and report them to you on a regular basis.
  • Provide web analytics of your website and make appropriate recommendations
  • Making frequent adjustments to your site to keep up with the constantly changing Google algorithms.
  • Monitor and advise on fresh content creation.

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