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Manage Inventory

Better tracking than the CIA (probably)

Inventory Management

Ah, inventory. A good inventory management system is the difference between streamlining your operations and —  running around frantically at the last minute trying to get flowers or containers.

There are two crucial things for any Inventory Management System.

First — You need to be able to track and control how many arrangements are available to buy on both your website and POS.

Second — You need to be able to track the containers, flowers, accents and other floral supplies that go into making designs.

Real-Time Counting

Inventory is tracked in real time.

It can be an arrangement sold on your website, a container used when creating a design or loose stems sold on your POS.

Maybe you've got an incoming shipment of hard goods or perishables.

If it's countable, we're counting it — the new availability is immediately reflected everywhere.

Control Costs

The gotFlowers inventory managements system helps you control costs by:

Minimizing Waste

Recipes - promote consistency by ensuring the same flowers and accents are used in an arrangement.

Smart, automatic pricing - No need to guess when you have math on your side! Multipliers, labor and costs are all taken into account to make sure you're pricing is correct.

Shopping Lists

Generate a list of all the flowers and containers you need, whether it's weekly, for a holiday or for a special wedding/event!

Barcode Support


Barcodes can be scanned at the POS when ringing up customers or at design stations when looking up inventory.

UPC codes, barcodes and QR codes are all supported!

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanning

Solutions for scanning UPC, QR and more!


Receiving Orders

Keep track of what you receive from your vendors!

gotFlowers let's you record incoming shipments as Receiving Orders. Whether it's hard goods or perishables, you'll be able to keep count to the stem level. 

Fully Integrated

The Receiving Orders is fully integrated with the Inventory module and Design module.

Once items are marked as received, they flow immediately into inventory and are available for both design and sale!

Improved Pricing

The Receiving Orders module keeps track of landing/shipping costs and automatically suggests the best selling price point.

Track Damaged/Missing

Nobody likes it but every once in a while, a container's going to be broken during shipping.

The receiving orders module keeps track of how many of an item were expected — and how many were actually received or damaged!

Design Recipe - Ipad


Cookbooks for Flowers

Digital Checklist

A quick and simple checklist of ingredients for designers keeps arrangements consistent.

Custom Arrangements

Making a custom design? Need to substitute some flowers? No problem!

Better Pricing

Based off of everything used in a design, a Suggested Price is automatically calculated.

Let's get mathy.

Pricing and Multipliers

Multipliers are the magic numbers that make everything happen. With the power of friendship formulas, you can make sure that you're selling your products at the right prices to meet your margins.

Easy to Adjust

Are the price of flowers higher than normal? You can modify your multipliers and it will instantly update all costs and prices!

Multiple Price Points

gotFlowers supports Wholesale, Retail, Design, Events and Rental pricing!


Once you have multipliers in place, all of your pricing can be calculated automatically. Amazing!

Track all of the things.

Inventory Items


Not only can containers be tracked but you can do it on so many properties, like the color, material and shape!

Not only does this make your inventory more accurate, it makes it a lot easier to do substitutions!


Sometimes, a flower isn't just a flower and that's when it's a variety.

Fortunately, with gotFlowers, you can assign and track flowers down to the variety level.


Ribbons, mesh wire and floral foam inserts.

Not only are these a few of designers favorite things — they're also materials that you should be tracking, and gotFlowers helps you do just that.

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