Florist Inventory Management System Overview

GotFlowers offers a powerful inventory management system that enables accurate tracking of both perishable and non-perishable products. We understand the unique challenges that come with inventory management in a florist’s shop. With our solution, you won’t have to choose between tracking hard goods and monitoring perishable items.

Our state-of-the-art system provides a real-time snapshot of your available stock and identifies what’s needed for upcoming holidays with a convenient shopping list. This level of visibility and foresight is made possible through our platform’s full integration with your product usage at the design stage and throughout the sales process. With GotFlowers, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to optimize inventory management and streamline your operations.

Receiving Orders

The “Receiving Orders” module allows input of  vendor invoices to document what is received on a periodic basis including standing orders  for flowers with vendors.

Recipe Management

Embracing GotFlowers’ recipe management software comes with numerous benefits, especially when it comes to crafting custom arrangements and maintaining value. A cornerstone of consistent floral arrangements and cost control, effective recipe management is also crucial for setting product prices based on gross margins.

Our superior recipe management system aids in tracking and forecasting your needs, even generating a handy shopping list for upcoming holidays or specific time periods. By minimizing wastage and optimizing resources, it brings tangible savings to your business.

Moreover, with our integrated calculators, you can smoothly propagate new flower prices and estimate a suitable selling price. With GotFlowers, you gain a strategic advantage in managing your floral recipes, ultimately enhancing your productivity and profitability.

Tracking Usage via Design Management

Our system empowers your designers by providing easy access to recipes for products in any given order, complete with a swift check-off list. This not only aids in efficient fulfillment but also facilitates the tracking of substitutions and wastage. With GotFlowers, you can streamline the design process while keeping a close eye on wastage and productivity.

Inventory Management, making edits to the stock manually!

Real time inventory can be checked at any time and  updated via  simple edit.

Tracking usage based on design done for the cooler or in advance

Need to  create designs ahead of time either for the cooler for a major holiday, use the  Cooler/Extras and Quotas option to create multiple quantities of a floral arrangement. Automatically update  the inventory  quantity as designs are completed.

View Real Time Inventory on the website

With real time inventory, sell what you have in the cooler..

View Real Time Inventory on the POS

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Barcodes and Scanning solutions

Barcode scanners can be used to scan in items including fresh flowers and can be used at design stations.  Scanners are also supported during customer checkout at the POS.

GotFlowers provides a comprehensive Inventory Management system that is fully integrated withe the design workflow and Order Entry system.

Please contact us for a detailed demonstration of the system