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The Three Ws

Website Breakdown

"Having a website" isn't enough these days. Your website needs to be treated as a critically important piece of your business. From SEO, to checkout flow (hey, that rhymes). gotFlowers websites use all of the latest and greatest technologies, best practices and cutting-edge ideas to boost your website and make sure it's optimized to pull in traffic and convert sales.

More Money

gotFlowers websites use all the latest and greatest technologies, best practices and cutting-edge practices to boost your website. You'll get more orders and make more money.

More Control

Your website should reflect your shop and your brand. gotFlowers gives you the tools you need to make it so.

From featured products to categories and banners, you can change it all.

Customer Friendly

The reviews are in and customers love gotFlowers powered websites.

We strive to make our websites consumer friendly and easy to use. Not to mention our post-order feedback system that alerts us to any potential issues or suggestions.


High Availability

Nobody's perfect but we're pretty close. Your website needs to always be up and running, especially during big holidays or special events. At gotFlowers, we use technology to ensure that your customers can access and order from your website.

Real Time Monitoring

Using cloud technology, we monitor your website in real-time for any issues.

And as an additional layer of safety, our server admins stay awake 24/7/365 (366 on leap years) making sure everything runs smoothly.

...Or at least our automated systems and alerts are running around the clock, mitigating issues before your customers even notice.

High Traffic Management

Do you have a special promotion going on, leading to more traffic than usual? Is it *that* holiday? (You know the one).

There's nothing worse than a sluggish website that can't handle tons of visitors. That's why we track your websites traffic in real time and seamlessly scale up to manage extra traffic. No more slow webpages!

Back It Up

Every pixel of your website data is backed up in real time and can be restored in seconds.

Not only are you protected from digital disasters but natural as well.

Earthquake? The only thing you have to worry about are the containers on the high shelves (sadly, we don't have an app for that — yet).

Mom and Pop florists using tablet

Your store. Your products. Your pictures.

Easy To Manage

It's your website. It should showcase your products, your banners, your categories! With gotFlowers, you can make a few quick changes from the admin panel and voila, it's reflected on your website!


Search Engine Optimization

The higher you rank in Search Engine results, the more likely people are to click to your website.

More Traffic = More Conversions = More Money

It seems like such a simple equation but there's so many factors and it's so important to get it right. At gotFlowers, we strive to employ best practices and stay up-to-date with the constant changing landscape of SEO to ensure your site is at the top of the game.

Best Practices

Search Engines are always tweaking and modifying things which means so we are.

We frequently test your website to make sure you're getting the best SEO scores possible.

Local SEO

It's important to practice SEO not just for the city your shop is located in but also for all the areas that you deliver to. With a gotFlowers website, we help you pull in traffic from neighboring cities.

Digital Marketing

Want Even More?

Digital Marketing

A gotFlowers website is already pretty great if we do say so ourselves. But you can take things even further with our Digital Marketing services.

Go Beyond Arrangements

Subscriptions, Workshops

If you're currently only selling arrangements, you're doing a disservice to you and your customers! gotFlowers websites allow you to sell subscriptions, tickets for workshops, classes and more!


With the subscription module, you can let your customers schedule weekly or monthly orders for a recipient.

Repeat business!


Want to offer a workshop? Want to offer it for multiple dates? Want to limit it to 20 people?

Guess what? With a gotFlowers website, you can totally do this!


Subscriptions aren't just for the home! You can offer hotels, offices, restaurants and other corporate clients weekly or monthly subscriptions!

Dollar, Dollar Bills

Money Making Features

Unlike other solutions (we won't name names) our websites are packed with features designed to make you extra money.

Greeting Cards

With an inexpensive printer, you can offer your customers the ability to create and print customized greeting cards with their order!

Flexible Delivery Rules​

First thing in the AM Delivery?
Two-Hour Rush Delivery?
What about After Hours pickup?

With gotFlowers Delivery Rules, it's easy to offer this service. A win for customers and a win for you.

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