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We're updating our Social Media solution to be even more powerful!

Keep reading to learn what we're doing...

Easy to Use

Connect your social media accounts once. Then post new content with a few clicks of a button!

We're also integrated throughout the dashboard and with the gotImages app:

— As soon as you add a product, you can share the image and video on Social Media!

— Adding a new Promo Code? Instantly share it with a single click!

— Blog Post? Guess what, it can also be instantly shared on social media!

Promote Your Business

Social Media is free marketing. Every post or video you make can help on several fronts:

New Customers
Simply by sharing pictures of beautiful new arrangements (and existing arrangements) you're building up your Brand Awareness by letting potential new customers know about your shop.

Customer Engagement
Communicating with your existing customers helps your shop maintain Brand Loyalty.

Drives Traffic = Drives Sales
Social Media posts can link back to your website, which could turn into a sale!


Effective social media accounts require constant engagement. With the scheduler feature, you can make sure you have a steady stream of posts, ready to go.

Set a date. Set a time. You're all set! It's so simple, that this section is just so much shorter than the others.

Revamped and Revolutionized

Deep Dive Into the Numbers

Statistical Insights

How much traffic are your social media posts getting? How many of those posts are leading to visitors on your website? How many of those visitors end up placing orders?

It's one thing to post on Social Media but it's important to measure how well you're doing.

Real Time Stats

As soon as your post hits the timeline, we're pulling stats in real time. You'll know how many views you get, how many likes, comments, interactions and more!

Long-Term Analytics

Track and compare how well your posts are doing on a rolling 7-day average, month-to-month and year-to-year.

AI Powered Suggestions

Powered by L.I.L.Y., we analyze your posts, how well they do and then suggest further social media posts and strategies. Awesome!

Teen using social media on smartphone

Doing it Generation Zoomer Style

Social Media on EZ Mode

Social media doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be time consuming. It doesn't have to be scary. The gotFlowers social module was designed to be super easy to use. We take care of the hard parts so you can spend more time with being with your loved ones.

Or, you know, spending more time on other parts of running a flower shop.

From the Old to the New

How Social is Social?

TikTok. Instagram. Facebook. X (R.I.P. Twitter).

There's so many different social media platforms. We curate the ones most important for Flower Shops and integrate so you can manage them all from one central location.



X (Twitter)



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