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What's in a POS?

Point Of Sale System For Retail Florists

Being able to take orders from customers and processing payments is just the start. Any good POS system should help your business excel.


The gotFlowers POS has a simple-to-understand visual interface, autocomplete lookups for customers, products, addresses, and more! Taking an order is a snap.

Tap, Insert, Telephone

Take payments from tapping. Or inserted cards. Or over the telephone. Or in person. Or from space.

...Okay, maybe not space. But we do support Google Pay and Apple Pay.


Need an extra POS station for the busy holidays? Not a problem, setting up a POS is as easy as thinking it.

Payment Processing

No POS is complete without Payment Processing

Competitive CC Rates

We offer integrated Credit Card processing through gotPayments, a partnership with Stripe.

Google Pay & Apple Pay

Walk-in orders can pay simply by tapping their phones! (Mobile phones only — landlines are not supported).

Fast Payouts

You shouldn't have to wait weeks or until the end of the month for your money. Payouts happen as quickly as two business days!

Data Security

24/7 Real Time Data Backups

Customer information. Order History. Inventory.

Your data is important. It's the lifeblood of your shop and having a good backup routine is crucial. That's why gotFlowers? performs real-time backups with multiple fail safes. If the worst should happen, it can be restored in minutes.

Real Time Backups

As soon as you enter an order, add a new customer or any other kind of data, it's instantly backed up to multiple database!


All data is stored safely and encrypted.

Version Control

Accidentally edit an order? Delete a product by mistake? With the gotFlowers POS, it's easy to reverse any changes.

A POS system shouldn't take weeks of training.

Easy To Use

At gotFlowers, we strive to make a POS system that's easy for florists to use. Don't just take our word from it. One of our favorite stories from one of our shops:

I was going to teach a new hire how to take an order on the POS. The guy looked at the screen, said, "I think I've got this" and within minutes, was taking telephone orders without any problem.

Print Management

Automatic Printing

Unless you like to handwrite your customer's greeting messages (more power to you), being able to print out card tickets is pretty useful. The gotFlowers POS can work with your existing printers to print out orders, receipts, invoices, statements and more!

Use Existing Stock

Our powerful template system for printing means that you can use your existing John Henry card stock.

Flexible Print Rules

Do you want to print only after orders are verified? Maybe only print after a design is finished? Customizable print rules give you the flexibility you need.

Barcodes & QR Codes

You're not just limited to the usual. Print out barcodes for inventory management or QR Codes to help your drivers with delivering orders.

24/7 Access

Access Anywhere, Anytime

We've mentioned this before but it bears repeating because:

A) It's an incredibly useful feature.
B) We worked really hard on it.

You can use the gotFlowers POS from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

At Home

We've all had those days where we just don't want to get out of bed. Or maybe the weather is really bad and going to the shop will take hours or is impossible!

With the gotFlowers POS, you can access it from the comfort of your home. Check on those upcoming orders and move delivery dates until after the blizzard.

While Traveling

Are you on a plane some 30,000 feet in the air? Staying at a hotel attending a floral seminar? Not a problem, you still have access to gotFlowers.

You can easily keep tabs on your shop. Whether you just want a quick overview of the current day, or you want to delve deeper, we've got you covered!


Did you just have a dream about the most beautiful arrangement of flowers you've ever seen?

Write that recipe down! Even at 2 A.M., you can access the gotFlowers POS to manage products, recipes and more.


Easily Add Extra Users, POS Stations for FREE

Valentine's Day. Mother's Day. Prom.

Any one of the above means that things are about to be very very busy at your shop. With the gotFlowers POS, being able to handle the extra volume is a breeze. You can add extra stations at any time. And thanks to the power of the cloud all you need is a computer, tablet or even phone. If you've got internet, you've got gotFlowers.

Access Anywhere

Unlike traditional solutions, you're not tied down to a specific computer. gotFlowers works from any device, from any location.

Instant Setup

Is a flash mob descending on your store to buy flowers? Probably not but just in case, with gotFlowers, you can setup extra POS stations in less than a minute.

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