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Delivery Management - Desktop + Mobile Graphic

A Fully-Integrated Delivery System

Delivery Management

Let's get down to it. You're a flower shop and you design floral arrangements. That means you need a way to deliver all of those beautiful arrangements on behalf of your customers. You need a delivery management solution and good news everyone, that's exactly what we've created.

Real-Time Integration

Unlike 3rd party solutions, the Delivery Manager is directly connected with gotFlowers. That means no having to import a list of addresses and data — all of your orders flow directly into the Delivery Manager! New orders or any changes to existing deliveries appear immediately.


Smart grouping and routing automatically sorts orders for delivery, saving you tons of time and making your job easier!

Multiple Platforms

The gotFlowers delivery solution works via a web browser or via the Trega app for iOS and Android.

Rated E for Everyone

Our delivery management tool work for shops of all sizes!

Whether you're a small shop, doing a few deliveries a day, or a larger shop, doing close to a hundred, we've got you.

Above and Beyond

All The Little Extras

Drop-Offs and Pick-Ups​

Do you need a driver to pickup some rental items after an event? Maybe you need them to drop off some brochures or business cards. Whatever the reason, it's possible.

Pool Support

Are you part of a delivery pool?

With the gotFlowers Delivery Manager, your pool eligible orders are automatically sorted into a "Pool Route".


In some cities (looking at you New York), it can be far more efficient to walk certain orders to their recipients.

Like Dustin Hoffman, our Delivery Manager has you covered.


The Mobile Delivery App for Drivers

Communication is Key

Real Time Communication

Is it there yet? Where's my order?

Customers are great and we love them but let's keep it real — fielding constant inquiries about delivery statuses can be annoying and stressful. Even more so during busy holidays!

That's why the gotFlowers delivery manager keeps your customers up-to-date in real time!

Confirmed Deliveries

Let your customers know their delivery is complete! As soon as a driver drops off an arrangement or gift, the buyer gets a notification.

Reduced Phone Calls

Is it there yet? Is it there yet? By pre-emptively sending delivery notifications and updates, this keep your customers (and you) happy!

Driver Overview

Not only is it important to communicate with your customers but it's also important to communicate with dispatch. Our delivery manager lets you know where your drivers are on their trip.

Delivery Management from your Phone


The powerful app for drivers. It assist them with every step of their deliveries, from loading up the vehicles, turn-by-turn directions, capturing signatures and more!

Scan, Route, Deliver

With Trega, delivering is as simple as scanning order QR codes, adding them to a route and then starting the delivery!

Proof-of-Delivery Photos

Leaving an arrangement on the porch? Perhaps it's getting dropped off a a hotel lobby? Give your customers that extra peace of mind by sharing a photo of their delivery.

Trega is available for iOS and Android

21+ ID Verification

Selling Alcohol?

Flowers and wine pair together beautifully but it's important to make sure your recipients are 21+. gotFlowers makes it simple to scan and verify drivers licenses, ensuring that recipients are of legal age.

Works in Seconds

In a blink of the eyes, you can have an ID card scanned and verified.

Record Keeping

All critical information for alcohol sales is recorded and securely saved.

Monthly Reports

Quickly export recipient information so that you can submit it to the board.

Buckle up for the holidays.

Holiday Flexibility

When you-know-what day is coming up things can get a little crazy. Or a lot crazy. Our delivery manager gives you the tools and flexibility to make things go as smoothly as possible!

Plan Ahead

Don't wait until the last minute! With the gotFlowers delivery manager, you can start planning routes days or even weeks ahead.

Perfect for those major holidays, when things are super busy.

Special Holiday Zones

With such an increase in deliveries, do you maybe do things a little differently during the holidays?

Our delivery manager makes it no problem to setup special holiday zones or rules to make life easier for your shop!

Temp Drivers

Calling in reinforcements?

In less then a minute, you can add a temporary driver to a route and have them ready to head out and deliver!

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