Delivery Management

Get the most efficient delivery manager to expedite floral delivery. Fully integrated with GotFlowers  POS and Order Entry. Use it on the desktop or with the mobile App. The GotFlowers Delivery Manager  includes features that improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and  and help save costs. Cut costs by as much as 20%. Enhance customer satisfaction with real time delivery confirmations.

Get the capabilities similar to those used by the world’s largest delivery services such as Fedex and UPS with our real time delivery app.

Key benefits:

  • Improve operational efficiency,
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with picture/video and real time delivery confirmations.
  • Cut costs by as much as 20%.


  • Custom delivery zones, create multiple zone groups to support more granular zones for major holidays.
  • Fully integrated with the order management system/flow.
  • Edit an order with new delivery information and have it propagate through the delivery manager
  • Orders are sorted and clustered by delivery zones.
  • Allows human intervention to modify and tweak a route
  • Create Routes . Drag and drop orders for delivery as needed.
  • Merge Routes
  • Assign routes to drivers
  • The mapping technology supports viewing of  delivery stops, maps and also generates turn by turn directions for each route.
  • A companion smart phone app, allows drivers to get routes, incrementally add orders to a route with a quick scan of a QR code. Accurate turn by turn directions provide a high degree of efficiency. Drivers can scan products prior to delivery to verify addresses and can also capture proof of delivery with a signature, picture and a video clip!
  • A Delivery confirmation is sent in real time to the buyer and to the GotFlowers dashboard.
  • Staff at the shop can  track a delivery with the “where’s my order” feature.



Available on  all smartphones on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

  • View routes
  • Scan and Create Routes
  • Add last minute pickup/drop off  locations to an existing route
  • Optimize Routes
  • View Turn By Turn directions

Scan and Verify recipient information at point of delivery


Capture a delivery status at each destination, take a picture and send proof of delivery in real time.

Capture special notes for non delivery


Delivering Alcohol or gift baskets with wine?

The delivery app will prompt to scan the recipient’s driver license. Scanned information is logged and available in the order details on the GotFlowers dashboard. Expedite deliveries with a quick scan of a driver license.


Desktop Delivery Manager

Create Custom Contour Based Delivery Zones

Orders for delivery are sorted and clustered by delivery zone and priority.

View delivery stops, add stops and assign routes to a driver