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Assistant Manager to the Events

Event Mangement — The Lowdown

Are you looking for a way to manage your events more efficiently? Trying to grow your event business? Or maybe you're just getting started and looking for solutions.

Whatever the use case may be, we've got you covered!

One Place. All The Deets.

Every single piece of information that you might need for an event can be added into the manager.

Venue details, documentation, arrangements, recipes, notes, pictures there's a place for everything!

Status Tracking

Regardless of whether it's in the consultation phase, a draft, upcoming or complete, the event manager let's you keep track of all of your events and weddings.

Payment Collection

Whether it's a deposit or the final balance, our event manager makes it easy to collect payments!

With a few clicks, you can email customers a payment request link and they can pay right from your website!

It's All Connected

One Centralized Location

For Planners

Whether it's an in-shop consultation, onsite at a venue or making adjustments from home after an email from your client, all of your event details and notes are in one place.

You and anyone else at the shop who needs to can access it from anywhere at any time!

For Designers

While in the consultation/draft phase, designers can help assign recipes and design instructions for each arrangement.

Once a proposal is accepted, all of the arrangements are available in the Design Manager!

For Delivery

Finalized proposals flow directly to the delivery manager, with the address information and delivery times automatically included!

No more last minute scrambles or manually retyping event orders for delivery!

The 411

Nailing All the Details

Wedding or corporate event, both you and your client went things to go as smoothly as possible!

We give you all the tools you need so that when the day comes, you can execute your clients vision.

Contact Info

Depending on the event, there could be hundreds of different people involved in the planning.

Well... maybe not hundreds.

Whatever the number, the event manager Contact Book makes it easy to keep track of all the details. From a contact's role, phone numbers, email addresses to whether they prefer being notified by text message or email.

Reference Photos

As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, as long as it's not blurry.

The event manager let's you add reference photos for any and every arrangement or rental that's part of an event.

You can also attach reference photos to the event itself — pictures of the venue or inspirations from the client, whatever you may need.


The event manager has built-in support for recipes, whether it's a centerpiece, boutonniére (spelling bee word right there), stage décor or any kind of arrangement!

You can easily assign the container, flowers and accents used, add notes about your clients flower preferences and for proposals, you can even include a picture of how the finished product will look!

Absolutely Gorgeous Custom Templates

Generate Proposals

The gotFlowers event manager takes all of the information you entered and turns it into a beautiful proposal that you can print or email and then send to your clients!

Your Logo. Your Brand.
Your Colors. Your Look.

All proposals can be customized with your own logos, your preferred colors, fonts and more!

Terms and Conditions

Refundable? Non-refundable?
First deposit? Final deposit?
When it comes to payments and expectations, it's very important that you and your client are on the same page.

Choose from customizable Terms and Conditions templates to quickly include all the relevant information, whether it's a wedding, corporate event or any other kind of event!

Come Here Often?

Venues and Vendors

If you do a lot of events, chances are you end up doing repeat business with certain venues and vendors.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easy way to reference them?
You're not going to believe this but...

Quick Profiles

With Quick Profiles, you can setup a profile for a vendor or venue once and then instantly add it into any of your future events!

No more re-typing the same information over and over or hunting down contact details — it's all in one place and easily accessible.

Documentation, Rules and more...

Some venues and vendors have documents that need to be signed in order to use their services. With the gotFlowers Event Manager, you can attach said documentation to a profile and it will be automatically included with your proposal!

So convenient!

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