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A solution for Flower Shops
and for Funeral Homes.

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So What Exactly Is gotSympathy?

gotSympathy is for both Flower Shops and Funeral Homes.
It's a solution designed to tackle three common issues:

1) Provide an easy way for funeral homes to place orders on behalf of their clients.
2) Make it easier and more efficient for funeral homes and flower shops to communicate
3) Make it easy for loved ones to order flowers to express their condolences.

Funeral Home Portal

With gotSympathy, each funeral home gets their own online portal.

It connects directly to a flower shop and funeral directors can place orders that go straight to the shop's gotFlowers dashboard.

Improved Communication

Order details, delivery status and changes can be communicated in real time between the Funeral Home Portal for funeral directors and the gotFlowers dashboard for florist.

No more faxes and no more telephone chases!

Special Sympathy Site

Funeral homes also get a co-branded funeral sympathy site where friends and family can send flowers to a dearly departed.

All of the details are pulled directly from the funeral home portal, making it easier for customers to know where to send arrangements.

Floral arrangements in funeral home

Not Just for Flower Shops

For Funeral Homes

gotSympathy provides powerful tools for Funeral Homes, all via a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Manage Obituaries

With gotSympathy, you can manage obituaries directly from the dashboard.

Plug-ins let you integrate them right on your site, no need to know any code.

Direct Orders

Orders go straight to your partner flower shop. No more having to send faxes or play phone tag!

Up-to-Date Pictures

With gotSympathy, you can show your customers exactly what kind of sympathy arrangements are available and how they might look. No more outdated printed catalogs!

Specialized Sympathy Store

With gotSympathy, you also get a sympathy store website. Friends and family can order floral arrangements for the service or for the home.

Sympathy Focus

Having a specialized site lets you focus on highlighting products and arrangements that can best help express sympathy.

Accurate Delivery Info

With the sympathy store, all of the information is already available. The funeral home address, the home address, etc.

Fully Integrated

We know we say "fully integrated" a lot but it's true — the sympathy store is fully integrated with gotFlowers. No need to re-enter orders or look at a separate system. Any orders flow directly to your dashboard.

The Benefits

Funeral Home Portal

What are some of the other benefits of the Funeral Home Portal?

Ease of Payment

Any authorized funeral home employee can place an order, without needing access to a credit card. All orders are verified and settled bi-weekly or monthly.

Verified Details

You can see exactly what information you sent to the flower shop. This makes it easy to make sure that everything is correct — from the service time to the delivery address — and that you and the flower shop are on the same page.

Obituary Management

A simple API and Plugin let's funeral homes manage and embed obituaries on their website.

This allows information to be in one place and:

1. Makes it easier for family and friends to find recently departed loved ones and order flowers.

2. Makes it easier for flower shops to confirm the time of services.

Build Loyalty

“Loyalty is a two-way street. If I'm asking for it from you, then you're getting it from me.” - Harvey Specter

Admittedly, we've never watched Suits in our lives but a good quote is a good quote. Flower shops and Funeral Homes being on the same system makes it even easier to have a good, strong working relationship that lasts for years.

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