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More than Just Software...

It sounds like an inspirational lifestyle quote but it's true: gotFlowers is more than just software.

We've talked to and worked with hundreds of flower shops. Small shops, large shops, red shops, blue shops. New shops. Multiple location shops. Shops with hundreds of employees and shops with less than five.

For 10+ years, we listened to what was needed, analyzed florists' shops, and their processes. We've taken all of it and developed tools, best practices and guidelines to help you get the absolute most out of your flower shop, out of your business.

Increase Efficiency

It's easy to overlook but improving your efficiency is an important factor and increasing revenue.

With gotFlowers, shops have been able to:

—Eliminate weeks of training.

—Take orders 2-3 times faster.

—Help drivers start their delivery routes sooner and faster.

Monetize Extra Work

Do you accommodate last minute buyers?

Do you get requests for pictures of arrangements before delivery?

You are providing a valuable service and customers are willing to pay for!

Increase Capacity

gotFlowers makes it possible to increase the capacity of your business:

Deliveries - with our Delivery Manager and Delivery Rules, you'll be able to expand your delivery areas and handle many more deliveries per day!

Orders - Accept more orders, whether it's by telephone or via the web. Our easy-to-use order flow process makes it easy to verify details and get them to the Design Manager for designers.

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