Scan, Route, Deliver & Confirm

Exceed your customer's expectations with real time delivery confirmations. Capture more than a signature. Include a picture or even a video clip

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Get more web orders!

Your customers rely on Smart Phones, Online Search and Social Media extensively before making a buying decision. Is your retail business adapting to this cultural shift? Grow web traffic and get more profitable orders with GotFlowers.

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Make an Extra $10-$12 per Web Order

Let the sentiment last longer! Let your customers Personalize a Greeting Card with their own pictures on your GotFlowers website. Improve customer loyalty!

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Cloud Based Point of Sale System

Get the most powerful and flexible POS that can be used with existing computers! Track and manage orders with ease. Optional modules for accounting, reporting and delivery management.

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What about Social Media?

Are you On Instagram? Over 90% of buying decisions are made based on Social Media! How do I market my products on social media? What if I don’t have the time or the expertise?

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Make Every Delivery Profitable?

Charge the right fees based on urgency and distance! With dynamic, distance based delivery fees and comprehensive business rules, make every delivery profitable.

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Card Messages in Any Language!

Celebrate the ethnic diversity in your community. Enable your customers to create card messages in any language! Grow your business while creating customer loyalty.

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Mobile Access with Consumers on the Go!

According to Pew Research*, over 95% of all adults in the US are now using cellphones and over 75% are using smartphones. GotFlowers enables customers with smartphones to place orders and pay in the easiest, frictionless way possible.

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As If Holiday Preparation Isn’t Bad Enough…

Manage price modifications within minutes by order date, delivery date or both.

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The Fastest Way to Manage Products!

Maximize your profits by selling what you have and can make. Easily manage products wth the GotFlowers App. Upload your designs with video clips to your website, Point of Sale and to Social Media within a minute. Eliminate multiple efforts to manage your business.

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See all the different ways you can increase your sales and be more profitable
Find out how to make your shop thrive in the new social media age
Find out all different ways you can reach out to your customers
Find out how easy it is to get on and use the gotFlowers platform
See the unprecedented list of features unmatched by any other vendors
Find out what PCI compliance is and why it is important to your business
Keith Hill

Beaverton, OR

“We switched from our custom website to gotFlowers 4 days before Valentine’s day. Consequently, our orders increased by 50%, and our profit margin on each order is phenomenal.”

Dawn Baumgarten

Bakersfield, CA

“We have a GotFlowers Website and were also the first to adopt the POS over 3 years ago.  The biggest benefit is  the technical support. Instead of just promises we get real results with periodic updates”

George Clements - Owner Georges Flowers , Roanoke, VA
George Clements

Roanoke, VA

“Our transition to the GotFlowers platform was the smoothest.  We are able to recognize additional revenue streams with  distance based delivery fees, timed deliveries and the custom greeting card.”

Bonnie Bank

New York, NY

“New Yorkers are all about speed, so our Manhattan shop’s technology has to be fast!
Setup was done practically overnight, daily site maintenance is quick and easy and technical support is nearly instantaneous.”

Robin Heller

Langhorne, PA

“Our customers are as ecstatic about our gotFlowers website as we are. We hear compliments daily on the unique look and ease of navigation.
It takes no time at all to add products. It took me 20 minutes to add my Entire Valentine’s Day page. I can rearrange the pages and products in a matter of moments, so easy!”