Make an Extra $10-$12 per Order

… with a Personalized Greeting Card. Improve customer loyalty! This feature is only available to GotFlowers customers.

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Want More Traffic at Your Website?

Want to grow your business? But not sure how to do it in this fast changing landscape of Social Media and Mobile access?

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Making Money on Delivery Fees?

Tired of losing money on delivery fees or not knowing the right amount to charge? We will show you how to charge the right delivery fee. Money that goes straight to your bottom line. Pure profit.

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We Speak Your Customer’s Language

Celebrate the ethnic diversity in your community. Enable your customers to create card messages in any language! Grow your business while creating customer loyalty.

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Consumers on the Go

With over 70% of all adults in the US are now using smartphones, purchases made on mobile devices are growing. GotFlowers is there to make sure that your customers can easily place orders and pay in the most frictionless ways possible.

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As If Holiday Preparation Isn’t Bad Enough…

Then you still have to spend weeks to get your website ready. With GotFlowers, you can accomplish that task in minutes.

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Get Your Products to Market is a Snap

You have products sitting in your cooler. You would like to sell them up on your website. In the past, it was too cumbersome, so you didn’t bother to do it. Now with GotFlowers, you can get your products onto your website for sale AND onto social media… in MINUTES.

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Robin Heller

Langhorne, PA

“Our customers are as ecstatic about our gotFlowers website as we are. We hear compliments daily on the unique look and ease of navigation.
It takes no time at all to add products. It took me 20 minutes to add my Entire Valentine’s Day page. I can rearrange the pages and products in a matter of moments, so easy!”

Bonnie Bank

New York, NY

“New Yorkers are all about speed, so our Manhattan shop’s technology has to be fast!
Setup was done practically overnight, daily site maintenance is quick and easy and technical support is nearly instantaneous.”

Keith Hill

Beaverton, OR

“We switched from our custom website to gotFlowers 4 days before Valentine’s day. Consequently, our orders increased by 50%, and our profit margin on each order is phenomenal.”

Jim Relles

Sacramento, CA

“Our gotFlowers website receives compliments from our customers for speed, ease of ordering, and special features like the personalized greeting card, and the multiple-language greeting message.
We love adding new items to our gotFlowers website with the mobile app! It’s easy, fast, and helps keep our website looking fresh with new items all the time.”