Interested in getting more revenue? With soaring gas prices, stay profitable by using distance based delivery fees.

GotFlowers allows you to charge a delivery fee based on distance or zone based pricing or based on order value. Get an additional $3 to $6 per delivery.

How about improving the average order amount by 15 or 20 percent?
Get more revenue while improving customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.  With GotFlowers get a high performance website with features that help monetize additional services.

Rank high in Google search results!

There are many factors that influence ranking. Take speed and performance. Google is said to prioritize speed when it comes to ranking in search results giving fast sites and advantage over slower sites.

Best in class, location based SEO is included. Optimized for your store location and delivery areas. Rank high in Google search results. Want to be ranked #1, take advantage of our Advanced SEO techniques.

Are you meeting customers’ expectations with your website?

Customers expect to be treated the way they are by Amazon and other delivery services with frequent notifications. Send a pre-delivery picture once a design has been completed. Allow customers to use a DIY portal to view order history and more.

Manage Real Time Inventory

Sell what you have with real time inventory control on the website and POS

Monetizinng Services:

Do you get special requests from customers to keep the store open longer for a late pickup or for an immediate or rush delivery?

Are you meeting the needs and expectations of last minute buyers on a busy holiday?
Do you come in on a Monday morning and find that you have too many orders that need to be delivered that morning?

Each of these scenarios entails extra work and effort on your part and accumulates as a hidden cost or expense over time. GotFlowers provides a “business rules module” to help address these scenarios. Additionally, GotFlowers also offers unique capabilities such as the custom greeting card feature to generate more revenue.

To see how GotFlowers can generate as anywhere from 15 to 20% in extra revenue per order after deducting all costs, start a conversation with us! Tell us more about your existing environment. We will present a one-on-one webinar and demonstrate how you can generate extra revenue and be profitable on each order. Fields marked with an * are required. .

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