Stop! Are you still using zip codes for delivery fees!

Did you know that a zip code is a postal carrier’s route to drop off mail and is not necessarily a geographic area? Some buildings in New York City have their own zip codes. No two zip code routes are identical and some are really long to traverse as much as 50 miles or more.

Start offering a delivery service to areas that you normally do not!

How do you decide on where to cutoff deliveries for a zip code? Here is zip code map for Reno, NV

Your customers don’t pay a fixed delivery fee when they avail of delivery or ride services either through the likes of Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, DoorDash, or when sending packages through FedEx or UPS. They expect to pay a fee based on distance, urgency, and size/weight of the package. GotFlowers lets you do the same!

GotFlowers provides a powerful delivery fee engine where you can charge your customers based on the same parameters such as distance, urgency, and preferred times. With these delivery based rules, you can generate additional revenues in excess of 20% as compared to your zip code based pricing.

Take the challenge! Send us your zip code based fees and a sample of 10 recent orders with recipient addresses and we will compute a realistic, distance-based fee for each delivery address.

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