Social Media Made Easy…

78% of people trust peer recommendations (i.e. “Like” button on FaceBook) vs. 14% for traditional forms of advertising (radio, TV, print advertising). So when you have something unique to offer (i.e. Unique floral arrangements, special promotions, personalized greeting card, foreign language greeting message offering), you can broadcast it through your social media channels. This serves the following purposes: (a) Guide people to your e-Commerce website to purchase your products, (b) Your friends of friends are more inclined to subscribe thus expand your social media network, (c) Improve Google search result for your shop.

While social media may not immediately result in sales, it strengthens the relationship between your shop and your customers which continuously improves their chances of a purchase over time.

At gotFlowers, we understand the importance of enriching this ecosystem while recognizing that, as florists, you may not have the time or expertise to nurture and grow this environment. Hence, we developed the first-and-only, easiest-to-use social media integration…

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