Get Profitable with Flexible Delivery Rules

Most websites and POS systems rely on zip codes to set delivery fees. This method is obsolete since zip code area vary in size and the cost of delivery of  flowers  will vary depending on the  location of the  recipient within that zip code.The main shipping companies like Fedex and UPS  do not offer a flat delivery fee by zip code! Their pricing is based on  distance and urgency.  Customers  accept this pricing model s and d o not  push back or argue  when it comes to shipping a  package through these services. 

As a florist, flowers need delicate handling  and timely delivery . Your cost of delivery includes labor, vehicle and insurance costs and fuel.

Consider using  distance based fees coupled with timed delivery fees. You can easily generate additional revenue from $4 to $7 per delivery. Here is  a comparison between zip code based delivery fees and distance based fees:

There are situations where the delivery fees have to augmented for specific locations such as large apartment complexes. Here  GotFlowers allows setting of a Zone fee in addition to the  distance based fee. You can also assign fixed fees to a specific address.

How should we handle orders with multiple items? Does the buyer end up paying a small delivery fee even for an order with 6 items. Here, GotFlowers  allows you to charge an extra  fee based on the order value. As an example you can have your standard delivery fees for all orders up to $150 and then incremental fee for every additional $100. Tiered pricing!

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