You know what they say, Recipes and Designs go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly.

With the native Recipe App, it’s a piece of cake to make a virtual floral cookbook of all of your products and designs. In just minutes, you can quickly assign all the ingredients that make up your arrangement. The container, flowers, fillers and any special extras, like butterflies or ribbons. We even suggest a price for you based off of the flowers used and your custom settings, so you can make sure you’re selling it at a fair price.

Once the recipes are in place, it’s on to the Designer App. Designers can instantly see a list of all deliveries and arrangements for the day and can be assigned anything that still needs to be worked on. Once they’re ready to start working on a design, the recipe view is pulled up where they can reference a a large image of the arrangement, keep track of how many flowers were used, make substitutions and track any broken stems.

And did we mention that the Designer App is optimized for all devices, computers, laptops and water-proof tablets? Marvelous!

Design Recipe Tablet