You’ve got a business to run. With the Business Insights app, we put all of the valuable information that you need, right at your fingertips. All of the data and numbers are broken down into simple, easy to read charts.

Learn about a few of the popular Business Insights reports.

Summary – How many sales did you have today? Has everything been delivered and picked up? What products are popular? What should you have for dinner tonight? The Business Insights – Summary View can answer all of these questions (okay, maybe not the one about dinner). With just a quick glance, you can instantly see what’s happening in your shop.

Deliveries – A lot of shops don’t have their delivery fees properly setup. We get it – no one wants to scare off potential customers. That’s why we created Delivery Insights to help eliminate the guesswork. Find out exactly where your deliveries are going, how many are timed/rush deliveries and how much your customers are willing to pay.

Sales – One of the most important views is the Sales insights. Instantly see how much revenue you’ve made over the last month, this quarter, this year or any other time range you’d like!