As a florist, your business is entirely dependent on events that allow people to share their sentiments. These include Valentine’s day and Mother’s Day, From celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, new borns, graduation day, prom week to saying good bye to loved ones. Your business demands frequent updates to your online marketing efforts.

Gone are the days of the traditional way of making changes to your website. With our gotFlowers solution, you can not only wow your customers with a friendly website but you can also automate your tasks and marketing efforts:

Point, Click and upload your floral arrangements to our Cloud-based service

Download our gotFlowers App, take a picture and video  of your floral arrangement, and have it immediately available for sale on your website, POS (Point of Sale) and mobile app.

Need access to images of floral arrangements that consumers want?

Get access to a library of compelling floral images. Search and download from our Common Image Library and add them to your website with just a single click.

Stop editing your website each time you have a special event

  • Manage all aspects of your business through an easy-to-use Administrative Dashboard.
  • Changes made to this Administration Dashboard immediately take effect on your website. Set business rules, prices and  exceptions.
  • Eliminate the need for an expensive and static custom website that is difficult to modify.

Get profitable with each delivery!

  • Set delivery fees based on a city, zip code, street address, business name and by actual driving distance ($ / mile).
  • Set special delivery fees for Sundays and holidays.

Sell more…

  • We enable you to sell custom greeting cards that can get you an additional $8 to $12 with each order.
  • We enable you to monetize those flat fee based message ribons. Charge based on the actual number of letters used.
  • Have a diverse client base? Make it easy to send card messages/greetings in multiple languages. Chinese, Japanese, Russian and many more.
  • Got corporate customers? Our corporate discount feature allows you to reach every employee in your corporate customer’s company.

Take the mystery our of SEO

  • Our location-based SEO capability results in  increased  orders for your business.

Be more profitable with each order

  • Set product prices based on up-to-the-minute demand and availability.
  • You can set prices to direct your customers to your most profitable products.
  • Prices can be set based on individual product, category, or scheduled holidays and events.
  • You can customize website banners to guide customers to most profitable products.

Build reciprocity!

  • With “Sell My Products” (SMP) capability, showcase your products with YOUR prices and delivery fees on other florists’ websites.
  • Increased customer satisfaction via the use of SMP which enables customers to see exactly what they will get.
  • Build your preferred relationships with other florists and benefit from both sourcing and receiving orders. Eliminate wire-out fees!

Telephone orders

  • Still using a line by line text /DOS based, order entry system or a point-and-click order entry system?
  • Upgrade to the latest in technology, take your phone orders with our touch-based, intuitive and easy-to-use iPad App.

Mobile Kiosk

Use  an iPad  based “order entry” App anywhere you go. Open a mobile kiosk at the local school before graduation week or at the local mall during the holiday season. Go where your customers are and start taking orders.

Build awareness! Build customer loyalty!

According to Pew Research, over 90% of all adults in the US use a smartphone. Market to your customers! Build awareness and market presence by rewarding your customers with a nifty consumer App . Allow your customers the freedom to purchase your products from anywhere at any time by accessing your custom branded “gotGifts” App on the App Store.

Get 3 times the Advantage!

Use our cloud based Administrative Dashboard to manage products, delivery fees and schedule based business rules. Set up banners, promo codes and dynamic pricing of products. Do the work once and have this all available on your website an  mobile apps.

Credit Card Processing

With GitFlowers you can choose any credit card processor. Get the best rates by allowing Credit Processors to compete for your business.

Cloud based POS

Access the Point of Sale with any computer using a secure web browser like Chrome or Safari. There is no need for any special hardware